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Halloween Fun!


Family Trees


Most of our family trees are done! Thanks for sending in the information. It was really neat for the kids to follow the family line on each side. I enjoyed learning more about them!

Follow Up to Penelope And The Monsters


Last week the kids each wrote a story about having their own monster as a friend. They used a graphic organizer to jot their ideas down, which proved to be a great little tool. It helped them to stay focussed when they wrote their story. Once they finished, they read their story to a buddy […]

Operation Christmas Child


As we get closer to the Christmas season, I’ve been looking for a way for the class to experience the joy of giving to the less fortunate. This year, I’ve decided to involve our class in Operation Christmas Child Canada. Follow the link to learn more. I have ordered 25 shoeboxes for our class to […]

First Communion Meeting tonight at 6pm


Just a reminder, see you there!

Okay Blue Jays Video


Let’s see if this works! I was able to put the video into my Dropbox so if you follow this link, it should take you to the video of the kids singing Okay Blue Jays. https://www.dropbox.com/s/50ojgzn8p7mvuke/Video%202015-10-23%2C%209%2032%2021%20AM.mov?dl=0 Too bad they lost but it was a great season!



We’ve been singing away this week and cheering on our Jays! Fingers crossed it’s working! I took a video of them but it’s too big for this site and it’s not letting me upload it. When I get home, I’ll see if I can compress it, we’ll see! Have a great weekend. GO JAYS!

Penelope And The Monsters


This week, we are studying the book Penelope And The Monsters. An absolutely favourite book of mine for Halloween, it’s filled with lots of rich vocabulary, hilarious facial expressions and funky voices.   Before reading, we had a discussion about monsters, whether or not we believed in them, if we’re sometimes nervous when we go to […]

Book Orders Due Monday, Oct. 26th


I just realized I sent the same book order out twice! The kids brought home the October one today along with a spooktacular one! Lots of great titles! If you are ordering, please send it in by Monday. Thank you!

Name Change


Just an FYI, I changed the blog name to We Will Rock 2.

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