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Dec. 11th – Christmas Celebration


Just want to let you know that on Friday, December 11th, the grade 2 classes will be performing onstage in our school gym for a small Christmas Celebration from 9:30 – 10:30am. We invite parents to come join us for our celebration.

A Little Update


I explained to the kids today what our timelines look like for the next 3 weeks leading up to Christmas. I can’t even believe I’m saying that, it’s gone so fast! First of all, each of the children will need their travel mug for hot drinks by Tuesday as we’re hoping to take our first […]

Water cycle


This post is brought to you by Kieran. This is our water cycle. We are learning about the water cycle. The cycle is evaporation, precipitation, condensation and collection. We know a lot about the water cycle.

Vlad’s Birthday!


Today’s post is brought to you by Mia and Vlad! Vlad has been very excited ALL DAY long! He hopes to have chocolate cake tonight!

Some Things We Need


I’ve been planning and preparing for the Christmas season and need a few things from each child: • one wooden clementine box • 3 toilet paper rolls • travel mug for hot drinks (please label with their name) Let me explain! I always make a nativity scene with my students and the wooden box is […]

First to 50 Game


This blog post is brought to you by the class as we learn how to post on our blog. This is one of our favourite math games. You roll all the dice, add up the yellow dice and then if the other die turns up green, you go forward. If it turns up red, you […]

Boxes Are Packed!


Thank you so much to all who have participated in Operation Christmas Child! We filled 35 boxes with the help of Mrs. McCarthy’s class and Mrs. Taucar’s class. What an amazing thing we have done!

Operation Christmas Child is Underway!


A few of the kids are busy putting the shoeboxes together! Tomorrow we will have a shoebox packing party. Thank you so much for the items brought in so far, the kids are really excited! On that note, I would like to tell you that I appreciate your generosity so much and feel this is […]

Picture Retake Day….


…..is this Monday, Nov 16th.

Rite of Inscription this weekend


Just a reminder that this weekend is the Rite of Inscription for those making their First Communion. The children are bringing home their Inscription Promise today and this must be brought to Church with them at any one of the regular Masses this weekend as per the outline that you received.

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