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Beautiful Mangers!


Christmas Eve in the Classroom!


Tomorrow we will celebrate our own little Christmas Eve in the Classroom. We’re going to watch a movie, enjoy some popcorn and hot chocolate and in the afternoon, we’ll have a little dance with Mrs. McCarthy’s class. The children can wear their pyjamas and bring a stuffed toy if they would like. The stuffed toy […]

Letters From The Workshop


The children all received very special letters from Santa’s elves today and will probably be excited to show you when they get home. Mr. Perchaluk and I have a long standing tradition where my class writes a letter to Santa. I encourage them to think about the workshop, reindeers, etc. and ask Santa questions, things […]

Concert Tomorrow


Please note for tomorrow morning: Students must report to their line as usual at 9am for safe arrival. Parents will not be permitted to come into the school until after morning announcements for the concert. Two grade 8 students will be stationed at the door to allow you in. We appreciate your understanding as the […]

Friday Christmas Play.


This post is brought to you by Justin and Eden. We are doing a Christmas concert. We are practicing right now. We are doing a Christmas play and a Christmas rap and we are not doing it by ourselves. Remember it starts at 9:30 Friday morning.

Important News Regarding First Communion


As you know, First Communion will take place on Sunday, April 24th, 2016. Fr. Glass has made the decision on the split of classes for the First Communion masses.  1:30pm  Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Lang 4:30pm Ms. Taucor and Mrs. Garriock

Weary Travellers


We’re back safe and sound from our exciting trip. I think the hot chocolate was the highlight more than anything else! A few pictures here of the kids enjoying their day. You’ll see lots of dancing pictures. One of the songs they learned is called 6 White Boomers, a cute song about how it’s too […]

Book Orders – due Dec. 7th


I sent book orders home this afternoon with those that wanted one. They will be due Monday, December 7th, that way they will be delivered for sure before the holidays.

Today We Travel To Australia!


The plane is ready and we will be taking off this morning for Australia! Not to worry, we’ll be back in time for the buses! Hope they have lots to tell you when they get home!

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