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Math Game – Race to 27


I taught the kids a new card game this week which is turning into a favourite! For our Math Stations this month, it is one of the games they play once they are finished their task. It’s called Race to 27 and I thought I’d share it with you because it’s a fun game to […]

Snowmen At Night – Warm and Cool Colours


After reading Snowmen At Night, a cute story about the antics that snowmen get up to at night with brilliant pictures, I did a lesson with the kids about warm and cool colours. Beautiful result!

We Day Wednesday


I completely forgot about talking to the kids about this and discussing dressing up! Tomorrow, Jan. 20th is another We Day Wednesday where the kids are invited to dress up as their favourite book character. The We Day Group is asking for a $1 donation from each student to raise money for children in developing […]

Raz Kids


You may have heard the kids talking about Raz Kids, which is an online reading program we have been using in class. It’s very cool because the kids work through reading levels, earning stars along the way which they can then use to build a robot. It can be used on computers and tablets. A […]



We just found out when Father Glass came to visit the children yesterday that the date of Reconciliation is Friday, January 29th at 6pm at St. Paul’s Church. Originally, this was scheduled as a meeting but Father has decided to have Reconciliation that night. I am not able to attend because of my own family […]

Brown Bag Book Club


This afternoon, I introduced the Brown Bag Book Club to the kids. Earlier this week, we read the ever popular, Snowmen At Night. Each of the kids completed a small report, finishing the following sentences: • This book makes me think about….. • I like the part when….. • The most exciting part of the book […]

Hit & Miss On The Snowman Front


Lots of excitement and happy faces greeted me this morning, everyone looking forward to our little Snowman making adventure. Me….I wasn’t too sure how this was going to turn out since the snow was not packing snow. But my magic phone told me to just add moisture and we would have snowman making success. Well….it […]

Happy New Year! Please read the bold part if I lose your attention before then :)!


Happy New Year to you all. I hope everyone enjoyed their break! I’m not going to lie, I rather enjoyed the lack of snow, it made for great travelling as all of our family is out of town so we were able to enjoy lots of visiting over the holiday. And now to get back […]

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