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Hair Day Tomorrow


These inclement weather days foiled my plans for this week but I’m going to go ahead with my plan for tomorrow. We are having a HAIR DAY tomorrow. They can come with crazy hair, braided hair, messy hair, however they want to “style” their hair!

Oops! Reports go home Wednesday!


My goof on the date! I thought Thursday was the 24th!

Random Pictures


Last week we began using our “Spaces”.  In 3 days, the kids have been incredibly engaged, excited and showing off their genius. Here are just some random pics.

Maker Spaces – It’s A LONG Post!


The last couple of weeks have been quiet on my blog as I write report cards and revamp some things in the classroom. So I’m writing this with much excitement! I don’t know how much the kids talk about our Math Stations but it’s basically a set of 10 stations that I have developed. Each […]

We Day Wednesday


Here’s what the kids decided: Boys: Wear either a Star Wars shirt or a black shirt. Girls: Wear black tights and a dress. Please remember it’s a $1 donation to children around the world less fortunate than ourselves.

We Day Wednesday


This Wednesday, February 17th, is Twin Day, brought to us by our school’s We Day Group. A $1 donation is requested to help raise money for impoverished children in other countries. We chatted about it last week and about the whole class dressing up in the same colours or all the boys doing one thing and […]

Falling Snowflakes


        This blog  post is brought to you by Taylor. First we drew the head. Then we drew the body. Last we drew the mitten. Then we painted the person. After we made snowflakes with a white crayon. Then we painted over the snowflake. We waited for it to dry and finally […]

Fun Presentations


Since we’ve come back from Christmas holidays, the children have been attempting to work more independently on activities, either by themselves or with a partner. When they have an activity completed, they have the option of presenting it to the class. They’ve done puppet shows, role playing, reading aloud and learning new apps. Funny how […]

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