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Happy Summer!


I feel like I’ve just gotten a chance to slow down and breathe! I wanted to wish you all a wonderful summer before closing off. I will eventually remove you from the subscriber list to make room for a new class. It has been a truly blessed year and I wish the report card reflected what was in my heart. Each of your children brought something different to our classroom, teaching me so much along the way. Enjoy all your time together this summer, I look forward to hearing about all their adventures on the first day of school!

Water Games


We got our water games in this afternoon, so much fun. With the help of a few grade 8 students, we played Drip, Drip, Drop; Over/Under and a 3-legged Race with cups of water. Thanks Finn and mom for making a little camping poster for us!

















“Roasting” spider dogs, enjoying s’mores and washing it down with freezies (thank you Taylor and mom!)








Looking Like Rain


The weather man says it’s going to rain this afternoon but no worries, we have lots of stuff planned that we can’t fit into one day. If we don’t end up doing water games today, we will do them tomorrow. It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow and water games areĀ far more fun when the sun is shining. This may turn into Camp Days. šŸ™‚

Tuesday Camp Day


Tomorrow is our Camp Day. I didn’t tell the kids anything, although some already know what I’m up to from former students. So….that means I have to change it up a bit. Like I said, there will be spider dogs and s’mores but they should still bring their water bottle, lunch and snacks. (No pizza tomorrow.) There’s also water involved in our games. I’ve been terrible at posting pictures lately so I’ll try my best to take some so you can see that we’re not having any fun!

Walking to Riverdale Friday


Tomorrow after first nutrition break, we are going to walk to Riverdale Park with Mrs. McCarthy’s class for some well deserved outdoor time. With all of the things going on at the school, we’ve missed a bit of gym time and we will be missing it again tomorrow. Once again, sunscreen and hats should be worn.

On Tuesday, we are going to have a Camp Day. The kids don’t know about it yet so if you could keep it a secret, that would be great. We’ll be having spider dogs and s’mores. They should bring their regular lunch and some snacks but I wanted you to know I’ll be feeding them a few extras. Hopefully it’s a nice day as we plan toĀ spend time outside. Please make sure they’re prepared to get a little bit wet duringĀ some water games!

Parents Are Welcome!


I should have mentioned that you are more than welcome to come to see us tomorrow at whichever time works best for you!

Our Stage Debut Is Tomorrow!


Tomorrow is the day we make our debut with our homemade instruments! A second performance has been added to accommodate our big numbers. Our first performance will be at 9:30 for the K-3’s and our second performance is at 11:40 for the 4-8’s. We practiced today at the gym and they’re going to be great! I told them we might have to take our show on the road! šŸ˜Š

Pics From Our Trip


I was having some trouble downloading these, that’s why they’re delayed! When we sat down to chat about the trip and what the kids enjoyed most, it was allĀ about the pond. They would have loved to spend more time there! I’m not sure if it was the bugs or the mud that they enjoyed most. Their second favourite part of the trip was the animals and our guide Chance. He was fabulous and really enjoyed the kids.

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Phone Lines Are Down


The school’s phone lines have been down all day and we don’t know when they’ll be repaired. You can leave messages but the office is unable to make calls and receive calls. Please send notes if there is a change in your child’s schedule. Thanks for your patience!

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