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It’s Going To Be A Scorcher!


Had trouble sleeping because my evening was busy last night and I completely forgot that I told the kids I would send out a final message about our trip! So here I am at 6:07 am!

• there’s plenty of room on the bus for all our volunteers, please meet us at the front door at 9

• dress for the weather

• sandals are fine, except for the pond study, I’ve never been there when the pond has not been muddy, could be dry in light of the weather, better to be prepared, I’ll leave that up to you

• water bottles, hats and sunscreen very important

Should be a great day! Looking forward to it!

Trip is a Week Away!


Just sitting here looking at the week ahead and thinking about our grade 2 trip.
From past experience, here are my suggestions. Pack your backpack with the following:
• refillable water bottle
• lunch and snacks
• rubber boots for the pond study
• extra socks just in case
• sunscreen
• bug spray
• hat

I would suggest putting sunscreen on before leaving the house and then reapply as needed.
Thank you to each of our parent volunteers, we so appreciate your help! It will be a fun day!
Right now the weather looks good but potentially quite hot, water bottles are essential!
Have a great weekend!

Our Class Band!


I’ve been very excited to share this with you! On Thursday I recorded the kids doing a cover of Walk Off The Earth’s Gang of Rhythm, an awesome Canadian band hailing from Burlington. I didn’t quite capture the beginning but that’s okay, it’s adorable. One student was away but don’t worry Finn, we’ve been asked to open for the St. Paul’s Concert on June 22nd! That’s right! I was showing several teachers on Friday (you know, like a mom all proud and showing off pictures) and Mr. P asked me if we would be the opening act for the school’s end of the year concert! So here are the details if you want to stop in and see us on stage: June 22nd, 11:40 am!

Click the link below to watch the video!


Measuring Time


This is how I procrastinate about doing my report cards…….

We have formally learned about the parts of an analog clock and how to read the time, now it’s just a matter of practice. The kids sometimes need reminders to read the small hand first and then the big hand. The most challenging part of reading the clock is after the big hand has moved past the half hour. It is one the harder concepts for them so random practice will help. It’s usually when that small hand approaches the next hour that they get mixed up. Here’s the anchor chart I made for them to refer to and they made this clock in their notebooks with moving arms.


Another Upcoming Trip


In June, we will be going on another field trip. Friday, June 17th, we will be going to Highlands Nordic near Duntroon for their outdoor education program. The activities we are taking part in are a pond study and wayfaring. We will definitely need parents to come along with us and we can bring all parents for free, no limit to the number. If you plan to attend, please check with the office that you have a current background check on file, you must have one to go on school trips.

The cost of the trip will be approximately $22 per child, all parents will be free. When we have everything finalized and send the permission form home, it will say for sure. You should expect the permission form around the beginning of June.

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and enjoyed the glorious sunshine! It felt like a typical July weekend at our trailer campground, pool was open, kids on bikes, paddle boats, kayaks, it was so awesome to see so many people out and about! I’m sure the kids will tell me all about their adventures!

Pics From Our Trip


We had a fun day on Wednesday, gorgeous weather, a great show and a fun time playing afterward….oh, and a wee unexpected treat at the end!

The play was so well done, it was such a treat to see such wonderful young talent. The teachers who run the drama club at St. Michael’s should be so proud, it was excellent.

Behind the school was a little park where we had lunch and played. There was some green space there as well which appealed to so many of them. They were finding snails and running through the grass! All I could see were big smiles, it was so nice to spend time with them like this.

Not sure if I captured all of the children but here they are in their natural habitat!


Photo 2016-05-18, 11 59 37 AM Photo 2016-05-18, 11 59 46 AM Photo 2016-05-18, 12 00 36 PM Photo 2016-05-18, 12 00 39 PM Photo 2016-05-18, 12 11 26 PM Photo 2016-05-18, 12 11 51 PM Photo 2016-05-18, 12 27 34 PM Photo 2016-05-18, 12 32 42 PM Photo 2016-05-18, 12 32 47 PM

Nothing like a nice little snooze on the way home!

 Photo 2016-05-18, 12 49 06 PM

I love this! We decided to stop for some Timbits as a treat when we got back to school. We stopped in the Walmart parking lot and this picture is of the kids wondering what Mrs. McCarthy was doing and what would she come out with. Is she buying donuts? Is she buying timbits? What’s taking her so long? So cute!

Photo 2016-05-18, 1 24 53 PM

Grade 2 Trip to Willy Wonka Jr.


Tomorrow morning we will head to Barrie to watch Willy Wonka Jr at St. Michael’s. There is a park beside the school that we will be going to after the play to have lunch, stretch and play, before coming back to school. The children won’t need agendas or anything like that so if they just bring their lunch, that’s perfect. Looking forward to a fun day, let me know if you have any questions!

Water Bottles!


With the warm weather, I just want to remind you to make sure your child has a water bottle each day. Our classroom is warm, actually it’s like a sauna. Getting a quick drink from the fountain is not enough for them. The water bottle allows them to come in, sit, and have a nice long drink, and keep refilling. I feel bad for them when they don’t have one, especially on those super warm days.

Money Math


Yesterday, the kids were given the task of looking through sales flyers to find favourite items and add them up. A bit of a learning curve when you add decimals into the mix and adding 3 or 4 numbers was also a challenge. We had an excellent discussion beforehand about how often they use cash or see their parents using cash. They recognize that we pay for things with debit or credit so the whole idea of making change is not something that is often experienced. Making change threw a wrench into their calculations and that’s when they asked for calculators! Lol! If anyone gets Toys r Us flyers, I would love those.






A Day In The Life


So do the kids talk about our Maker Spaces? We usually do them in the middle block between the nutrition breaks. I know when things go on in the school and we go a few days without doing them, I sure hear about it! I love it as much as they do! I look around the room and they are so busy doing such a variety of activities, I’m so proud of each one of them. Problem solving, working together, working alone, building, reading, writing, creating and imagining. I have a hard time keeping up with everything they’re doing! I like to call it organized chaos! Some of the themes we’ve been working on lately are mapping, building towers, making launchers and making instruments. They’ve also been writing cartoons using an app on the iPad and writing creative stories for publishing. Here’s what it looks like on a typical day.

2016-04-27 12.41.32 Photo 2016-04-07, 12 43 38 PM Photo 2016-04-07, 12 43 47 PM Photo 2016-04-07, 12 43 56 PM Photo 2016-04-07, 12 44 22 PMPhoto 2016-04-07, 9 57 17 AMPhoto 2016-04-07, 10 09 33 AM

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